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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you love attending the annual Ilderton Fair? 

Are you aware that the Fair is run by the Ilderton Agricultural Society, made up entirely of volunteers?  

Why not join us? There are plenty of opportunities to help – from a few hours on Fair weekend, to joining a committee, to joining the Board of Directors – there are opportunities both large and small, and lots of ways to get involved. 

For more information or to sign up, click the button below!

Farm 2

Food Committee

Committee Tasks:

  • Wed. – set up displays in the arena

  • FRI. – available all day if possible ( afternoon for sure)

  • Sun. – take down of the arena displays

Related Hobbies: Baking

Midway Committee

Committee Tasks:

  • Assist with wristband sales (putting wristbands on people at ticket booths during peak sale times 4:30-7 Friday & Saturday)

  • Putting up & taking down signage (Friday afternoon & Sunday Afternoon).

Related Hobbies: People person, managing money.

Children's Special Attractions Committee

Committee Tasks:

  • Seeking High School Volunteers

  • Event Setup

  • Event Management/Logistics – getting kids organized

Photography Committee

Committee Tasks in Advance:

  • Meeting in fall or early spring with committee members to establish categories for the upcoming fair (lasts approx. 2 hours, maybe in person or via zoom)

  • Confirm prize amounts and judges

Committee Tasks the Week of the Fair:

  • Wednesday evening– help set up photography stands into the arena (approx. ½ hr)

  • Thursday evening – accept entries from exhibitors from approx.(530 -0830pm)

  • Organize entries for judging (730-930pm)

  • Assist with Judging (800-930pm) 

  • Friday morning / early afternoon – assist in hanging all the competition photos and arranging the exhibit before arena opens to the public (approx. 1000-3pm) 

  • Sunday afternoon – monitor the exhibit to ensure items not removed before fair ends (approx. 400-630pm) 

  • Assist in distributing the photos to the exhibitors, dismantling the display and assist in cleaning up arena and loading our trailer

Picnic Area Committee

Committee Tasks in Advance:

  • Purchase any cleaning products/table clothes prior to the fair

  • Create a volunteer Schedule for the fair weekend (approx. 2 hr shifts)

  • Find volunteers willing to wipe off tables for 2 hr blocks and keep the area clean

Committee Tasks Fair Weekend:

  • Friday afternoon put tablecloths on tables and bring cleaning supplies out to picnic area (approx. 1hr)

  • Show volunteers what to do and where schedules are

  • At end of the evening, ensure area/garbage’s cleaned up and cleaning supplies put away

  • Each of Saturday/Sunday morning get supplies out and show volunteers what to do

Parade Committee

Committee Tasks in Advance:

  • 1-2 Meetings April & June/July (1-3hrs)

  • Email communications (4hrs)

  • Setting parade judging categories for Ilderton Fair Prize Book

  • Nominate Parade Marshall to Board of Directors/Order Parade Marshall Medallion

  • Inviting bands/special attractions/dignitaries to parade

  • Invite/confirm parade announcer

  • Keeping budget as directed by IAS Board of Directors

  • Obtaining permission for road closures from municipality & county

  • Booking services of auxiliary police service for road closure

  • Finding judges for day of parade to judge and award ribbons/prize money

  • Organizing logistics for parade (assembly location, traffic control, address concerns)

Committee Tasks Fair Weekend:
Saturday of Ilderton Fair (Sept 30, 2023): 8am-Noon (4hrs)

  • Traffic control on Robert St to arrange floats

  • Printing judging forms, obtaining ribbons and prize money from treasurer

  • Coordinate high school volunteers (give cue cards to floats: name/org, message)

  • Run cue cards from arena entrance to announcer stand

  • Present Bill Frank trophy to Best Float as determined by judges

  • Troubleshooting/problem solving as necessary

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