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Ilderton 4H Clubs

4H is a youth organization available for ages 9 to 21. To learn more visit their website at

To join, new members may contact the Middlesex Coordinator via email to

Available Clubs Include

  • Middlesex Rabbit Club

  • Lobo Lifeskills

  • Ilderton Poultry Club

  • Ilderton Dairy Club

  • Ilderton Sheep Club

  • Ilderton 4-H Beef Club

  • Ilderton Plowing Club

Hugh Filson Memorial Bursary

Who is Eligible? 

All 4-H members, agricultural and life skills, that would have participated in a 4-H club which has an achievement day, competition, or exhibit at the Ilderton Fair. The IAS will distribute the bursaries between agricultural and life skills participants based on the number of applications from each.

How Many and How Much?

10 bursaries worth $100

Application Process

  • Applications must be received by December 31

  • Applicants will receive an email confirmation when their application is received

  • The committee will meet in January to select winners

  • Winners will be informed and invited to the AGM in January where the winners will announced

  • Winners will not be eligible to apply again the following year

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