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  • When is the Ilderton Fair this year?
    The Ilderton Fair is September 27-29th this year.
  • Where can I get tickets?
    Tickets can be purchased at the gate or weekend passes can be purchased in advance at Floral Temptations or Mr. Sunny. Midway ride passes can be purchased in advance through a link to Campbell's Amusement or at the ticket booths on the fairgrounds.
  • Are the Fair prices increasing? It’s so expensive!
    We pride ourselves on keeping our Gate Admission the same since 2020. We don't charge for elementary-aged children to make it affordable for families and offer many free events.
  • Can I buy my Fair passes at Floral Temptations or Mr. Sunny's again this year?
    Yes- we appreciate the support of local businesses.
  • How can I win free Fair tickets?
    Check out our social media pages! We post contests during the year for you to win Weekend Passes.
  • I love fair food! What can I expect to be at this year’s Fair?
    All the usual Fair favourites plus many more.
  • I have a little one and would love to bring a wagon. Am I allowed to bring it to the Fairgrounds?
    Yes- wagons and strollers are allowed.
  • Can I park on the field this year?
    Yes- we will continue to offer free parking on our fields at the back of the fairgrounds for guests.
  • Can I smoke/vape at the Fair?
    No- smoking and vaping is not allowed on fair property.
  • Are there ATMs on site?
    Yes- there is one in the arena and one by the midway office.
  • Can I re-enter the fairgrounds if I leave?
    Obtain a stamp on your hard from a volunteer at one of our gates and you will be allowed to re-enter before 10pm.
  • Can I bring my dog to the Fair?
    Dogs are not allowed on the property but all service animals are welcome.
  • How can I become a commercial exhibitor?
    Use the link on our website for online registrations through AssistExpo to complete the necessary forms and pay your deposit. Some one will contact you from the fair board confirming your spot and if they need any more information.
  • Is there first aid on site?
    Yes- we have 3 professionally trained medics on the grounds during fair hours and there is a First Aid trailer you can go to as well for assistance by the Agriplex.
  • Do you offer opportunities for community groups?
    Yes- we partner with many different service groups and clubs and have various ways we can support them during the year and the fair. Reach out to us for more information regarding collaboration opportunities with community groups.
  • What rides can I expect this year?
    Typically, we have 12 rides. They will rotate rides in/out of each show depending on attendance expectations and throughput requirements. Some rides may be removed from the rotation for maintenance and repair reasons.
  • What’s the height and weight requirement for the Kiddie rides?
    Please go to Campbell's website for the best up to date information.
  • I notice a lot of similar rides year after year – does anyone inspect them?
    All amusement rides must be thoroughly inspected annually by the governing body of each province, that they are to be operated in. Campbell's play events in 3 provinces and must undergo rigorous inspections in each province. Before an event opens, there is a local Electrical Standard Association (ESA) inspection performed to check the condition of the "temporary panels, junction boxes, cables, and verification of maintenance highlighted from previous events in other locations." Furthermore, TSSA performs an operational inspection during the event to verify operators are following procedures indicated in the approved operation manual for each ride, i.e. load/unload procedures, proper securing of participant safety devices, operator safety precautions, etc.
  • Why do I have to pay to ride with my child?
    It has been argued that this is the fairest way to prevent policy abuse of an older sibling going on the ride instead of the parent/guardian.
  • Is there a Derby this year?
    Yes. The Demolition Derby is a highlight of the fair for many guests. It will be on Sunday afternoon.
  • What is the Homecraft Competition and where can I find more information?
    All the information for entering crafts, flowers, photography and other hobbies can be found in our Fairbook which is posted online in late Spring.
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